Restoration & repair projects

The Quinquennial Project

St. Mary's Church is currently undergoing a major renovation and repair project. Every 5 years, the church building is subject to an inspection by an architect. This inspection (called a Quinquennial Review) aims to check on the state of the building and identify areas needing attention.

As a result of the last review, the lead roof of the tower has been replaced together with substantial areas of masonry near the top of the tower.

The photographs give 'before' and 'after' views of part of this work. Notice that the missing and damaged areas shown in the top picture have been repaired with new stone (lighter coloured) in the bottom picture.

The total cost of the project is now estimated at £194,000. The major part of the work on the tower has been completed and paid for thanks to the generosity of many organisations and individuals. The church is now embarking on the final phase of the work on the main building and the stained glass windows.

The Friends have raised funds to support the remainder of the work.


Before - damaged and missing masonry


After - new stone (lighter colour)